Vesta for two


Híspalis Circuit + your choice of: Chocolate or Wine Therapy or Rose Therapy + Tea or fruit juice + Chocolates for two.

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Semi-private Híspalis Circuit with a choice between Chocolatherapy or Vinotherapy or Rosetherapy + Tea or fruit juice + Chocolates - For two people Approx. duration: 160'. *Híspalis Circuit: Semi-private and guided pick-up with a duration of approximately 1h30min, consisting of nebulised shower; hydromassage pool; frigidarium; Roman bath; Scottish shower; Turkish bath; bithermal shower; jacuzzi and symposium, with tea or fruit juice and chocolates. BODY TREATMENTS TO CHOOSE FROM: *Thermoactive Chocolate Therapy: A combined treatment of beauty, relaxation and harmony It gives both the skin and the senses a very special feeling of well-being. The polyphenols in cocoa become real preservatives, neutralising the free radicals responsible for the ageing process and the reduction of skin cells. A wonderful combination of cocoa and heat that helps us to stimulate the senses, release tension and produce well-being while moisturising the skin. Includes Turkish bath 10min. *Wine therapy: A cocktail rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin B1 and B2 for younger, firmer and more toned skin by preventing the degradation of elastin and collagen. Grapes and grape seeds combat ageing thanks to their vitamins and polyphenols that help the skin to maintain its elasticity by stimulating collagen production, eliminating free radicals and promoting circulation. Includes Turkish bath 10min. *Rose therapy: Micronised Bulgarian Rose Petals. A natural anti-ageing product that moisturises, nourishes, purifies toxins and balances the organism, obtaining harmony and strengthening body and spirit. Recommended for couperose, sensitive skin. An exclusive product for women due to its affinity with the female reproductive system and its feminine function. We will achieve an improved image and at the same time we will obtain a state of well-being and harmony. Includes Turkish bath 10min.

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Without complement, Bottle of cava – 15€, Bottle of lambrusco – 15€, Bottle of Moët & Chandon – 80€, Two glasses of cava – 8€, Two glasses of lambrusco – 8€, Belgian chocolate – 13€, Belgian truffles – 15€, Bottle of cava with Belgian chocolate – 25€, Bottle of lambrusco with Belgian chocolate – 25€, Moët & Chandon bottle with Belgian chocolate – 90€, Moët & Chandon bottle with Belgian truffles – 95€


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